These days technology is developing at an increasing rate. There was a time when we use to gather at a place to watch media on big screens. Whereas, nowadays people prefer to watch movies or TV shows on their personal screen. Roku stick is another such device that offers entertainment to several people at a time. You can set up Roku on multiple smart devices at a time and the setup is extremely easy, doesn’t really need an expert’s assistance to complete the straightforward task. To offer the best service, Roku designs its hardware and software on its own.

As you are aware that the tech involved in the manufacturing of Roku devices is self-produced, so the experts at Roku keeps on developing the products according to the latest trends and technology. Thus, it is quite natural that the solution to error 011 for Roku 4k player won’t be the same for Roku stick as the device properties are different.

Since the launch of their recent software update, Roku Code Link has immensely changed the performance of its devices. To our regret, the error 011 still prevails in the previous devices. The existing users of Roku are getting error 11 and Roku itself has not mentioned the exact cause of this problem yet.

By the time, you can read the method mentioned below to put an end to error 011.

Like any other Error is not liked by its user, so is the error 011, which is generally faced by people on setting up Roku on a new device. Roku has itself stated that this Error usually occurs at the time of the initial setup. Nobody wants to get the error especially when you are installing the device for the first time. It makes users regret to have bought the device at all. It is obviously a disappointment but, worry not now that you have got the Error, you need to get rid of it.

We even read a few comments on Roku support stating their frustration of getting the Error in the first go. They have explained that while performing the setup, as soon as they began calibration and reached the sign-in page their screen flashed the message ‘Cannot connect to Roku’ or ‘Error 011’ found. There were complaints registered by a few iOS users who posted that when they installed Roku for the first time in their device, their screen showed Error 011. Well, the fault might be the internet connectivity here because, if you have a stable connection then it is not possible for this error to arise. As soon as the configuration is done, Roku search for data to update the newly launched version. Since the new version cannot be downloaded, Roku servers remain down reflecting the Error.

Thereupon, choosing another Internet source or checking the internet connectivity with your ISP is the option for you. You can try to establish a wired connection with the help of an Ethernet cable. Following these steps will provide internet connectivity to the Roku device and thus, resolving the issue.

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