Are you trying to watch your favorite content on TV through Roku, but are unable to do so because the device is not connecting to the internet? Well, you should try to restart your Roku player and also do a speed test to check the internet connectivity and speed. This will give you a better idea as to what the status of your internet connection is.

Your Roku player is a one-stop device to enjoy all your favorite digital content in an effortless manner. Therefore, when you find that your Roku Link isn’t connecting to the internet, then that’s a big jolt because you will be deprived of the countless hours of entertainment that can brighten your day. But, don’t you worry, as the problem of ‘Roku unable to connect to the internet’ can be fixed by following the steps provided in the following section:

You can easily get your Roku back online by making a few changes in the Roku and the router because these are two devices where problems usually occur.

You need to begin the troubleshooting of Roku connectivity issues by checking the physical hardware and ensuring that all the cables are properly connected. Along with that, you need to make sure that the device is connected to the proper network.

Do an internet speed test

If you are able to connect your Roku player to the internet, but the connection is weak, then you need to open the ‘Settings’ menu on your Roku followed by going to ‘Network’ and then, clicking ‘Check Connection’. The speed test will detect the quality of the signal and accordingly, you can take the necessary action.

If you found the signal strength and speed from the router to be at am unsatisfactory level, then you should try to turn off other devices using the internet to provide more bandwidth to the Roku. You should also move your Roku player closer to the router for improving the connection strength.

Restart Roku Player

Just like many electronic devices, you can fix the problem occurring in Roku by restarting it. For that, you need to go to ‘Settings’ followed by selecting ‘System’ and then, ‘System Restart’ for rebooting your Roku player. With that, your Roku player will restart and the problem you’re dealing with is going to be solved.

Connect an Ethernet Cable To Roku

It is not possible for you to plug an Ethernet cable into the Roku Stick, but when you plug an Ethernet cable to the Roku player, you will get the most robust connection. So, if you are using a Roku model, which supports Ethernet connectivity, then you should definitely connect an Ethernet cable to your Roku.

Apply these solutions and you will definitely be able to fix the problem of ‘Roku not connecting to the internet’.

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